3 Ply Mask With Filter

face mask new design

– Viral Infection Protective Barrier
– Adaptable Nose Bar
– Comfortable fit
– Multiple protection
– Not for medical use
– 3 layer filtration system
– Complies with the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
– European Standards: EN148:2001+A1:2009
– Meet Requirements in T/CTCA7-2019
– Accordance Standard GB2890-2009 Respiratory Protection
– PH 5.8
– BFE 98.9%
– PFE 88.3%
– Breathing resistance 76Pa
– Field of Vision 65°our head.

Our factory production’s capacity:

Face Mask disposable KN95, white

500.000 pcs / month

Face Mask cloth type, no filter, black/white

1.000.000 pcs / month

Face Mask cloth type, with filter, black/white

500.000 pcs / month

This mask is extremely lightweight. There is no chance an employee finds the mask a burden on her/his face after hours into the mission.

Everyone might already know about the secret behind the device’s great airflow. It is built by the maker to reduce the heat build-up after we breathe out and make way for the fresh air to come in constantly. The majority of wearers are satisfied with this functional design.

Last but not least, it can fit well on more types of face than I think it can be. Once you put the piece on and make some little adjustment, it can sit there for your whole working session without falling off or being distorted.

Face Masks Producer

We produce and supply

  • Disposable 3-ply Surgical/Non-surgical Mask; Fabric Face Mask.
  • Protective Face Mask With Filter.
  • Outdoor Dust Mask.
  • Mouth Respirator Anti Haze Mask.

Design your own Custom Face Mask with your artwork and designs.

Our production is based in the South of Vietnam.  Contact us today!

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